Beast Mode Spreadsheets Are Available On Jerry’s Patreon Page


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Get up to date copies of my BEAST MODE Stock Analysis (PDF) spreadsheets and research information. Here’s what you receive in Patreon:
– Daily/Weekly Beast Mode Analysis PDFs with all of the data on all of the companies analyzed.
Special Patreon Bonus Section which includes…
FUTURE FIVE valuation model. This is the GOLD STANDARD that Analysts use to value stocks.
A SPECIAL GROWTH STOCKS VALUATION ON REVENUE model. This is next level investing!
Jerry’s YES RULE for evaluating Growth Stocks. It’s very hard to value and understand growth stocks but with the YES RULE you get a much clearer understanding of the valuation based on specific criteria.
Ben Graham Intrinsic Value. Ben is considered  the “father of value investing”
EBITDA Multiple. The most used valuation multiple based on enterprise value
Revenue Multiple for comparing companies in the same sector.
Rule of 40 for measuring the growth of companies.
Access to the complete post archive and previous Beast Mode Analysis
“Jerry Romine Entrepreneur Abroad today’s was very thoroughly put together and had even more extra data/analysis than yesterday’s. Patreon will pay for itself 100x over. Don’t go into stocks blindly, use Jerry’s Beast Mode Analysis to get educated and make money!” @YouChube94
How much is one winning trade worth? How long would it take you to research 10 companies (like the Beast Sheet provides)? PLUS you get the SPECIAL BONUS PATREON SECTION that once you experience it you won’t want to live without it?
And you are getting all of this several times per week for just 20 bucks.
* The Beast Mode Stock Analyses are PDF files with all of the analysis data already populated for you. The PDF file is not an Excel or Google Sheet file.