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Click on your PROFILE PICTURE, then SETTINGS. Copy and Paste username to ensure accuracy.

We ignore bogus names and emails. We’re not going to SPAM you and we rarely send emails (as in virtually never). But you would be surprised how many people provide the wrong TradingView username.
* Your email address is NOT your TradingView username. If you do not give us the correct TradingView username we cannot provide a free trial. In TradingView click on your profile icon in the top right corner then click on the word PROFILE. Click on the word SETTINGS then find and paste your USERNAME. [SEE IMAGE ABOVE]
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TradingView Will Send You A NOTIFICATION Once Authorized

1. To setup a FREE TradingView ACCOUNT click here. Then scroll down the page and click “Try Free Basic”.

2. TradingView allows three indicators when using the free account. If you already have 3 indicators you will need to remove one and then add Jerry’s Indicator.

Be on the lookout for this NOTIFICATION from TradingView.

Once you receive the following notification your indicator is ready to install and use.